Web Design Articles

These web design articles cover some of the things I've learned through my experience as a web designer.

Hopefully these articles will help you in your own web design endeavours.

Recent Articles

How to Create a Website
I wrote this guide to show beginners how to quickly and easily start their own website.

Adsense Experiments: What's the Best Adsense Placement?
My experiments in placing Adsense ads on Pegaweb.

Things to Think About Before You Set Up a Website
What's the purpose and topic of your website? Why are you setting up a website?

Older Articles (2003 and earlier)

Website Checklist
A list of the most common criticisms I have about websites I'm asked to review.

Pegaweb Interview Transcript
This is the transcript of an interview I did recently. It has been posted here due to requests from visitors. Please enjoy my very opinionated responses. :)

Digging for Links
Techniques for getting people to link to your site.

Navigation Structures
This web design tutorial shows you how to set your site up for maximum efficiency, according to the amount of content your site has.

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