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About Daniel Piechnick and Pegaweb

Pegaweb was launched as a hobby site on 13th March 2002. The site is run by me (Daniel Piechnick), a professional web designer from Adelaide, South Australia.

The name Pegaweb comes from the site's original name "Pegasus Web Design Resouces", for which I registered To ensure people would know where to find my site, I renamed it to Pegaweb, to match its domain name.

In a typical year, around a million people visit Pegaweb. The site has been featured in many magazines and reviews, as well as in countless places online.

I no longer update or write new material for Pegaweb. Over time, some of the material here may become obsolete or dated, but right now, all Pegaweb's tutorials are still accurate for the latest version of Photoshop.

Licensing / Reproduction / Legalese

Visitors who create their own designs, by following Pegaweb tutorials, are not required to credit Pegaweb. Any kind of link is greatly appreciated, however.

You may use Pegaweb content as a classroom or educational resource, whether printed or in digital form. It needs to clearly and prominently state that the information is from (Unless it's obvious that the information is from Pegaweb, because it's being accessed online, or the Pegaweb header image is visible etc.)

You may not reproduce Pegaweb content online. (Please link to or the tutorial instead.) Also, you may not sell Pegaweb content.

Site Map

A full list of everything at Pegaweb can be found here.

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